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A Tribute To Miles

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A Tribute To Miles


“This Miles Davis tribute album brings back four-fifths of his second classic quintet with Wallace Roney the logical choice to fill in for the late trumpeter. Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams had all grown with time and this reunion has Hancock and Williams taking on more prominent leadership roles than in the earlier days. With the exception of the drummer’s “Elegy,” all of the music (“So What”, “RJ”, “Little One”, “Pinocchio”, “Eighty One”, and “All Blues”) was regularly performed by the quintet back in the 60s. In general this reunion is a success even if it contains no new revelations. It is particularly nice to hear Wayne Shorter in this setting again.” – Allmusic

Original Album Liner Notes by Tony Williams:

“Miles Davis passed away in 1991. This recording is our tribute to a man who influenced not only musicians privileged to be members of his band and impacted the music of the twentieth century, but also became a legend to millions of people around the world who loved the sound of his horn.

In 1992, as a celebration of Mr. Davis’ life, music, and his genius, this band reunited and played to audiences in the United States, Europe, Canada, Great Britain, The Mideast, Mexico, South America, and Asia. Everywhere we went it was clear that the audiences had the same desire to share memories and to be touched once again by his vision and his courage.

So, in our small way we offer this music, that for us recalls the essence of our love for Miles Davis. He left us much too soon – Tony Williams

Produced by Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams

Associate Producer: Suzy Gaal

Executive Producers: Tony Meilandt and James Heffernan.

Recording Studio: Signet/Soundworks, Los Angeles

Live Tracks: The Plant/Rover, Recorded live at Berkeley Community Theater, September 19th, 1992.

Recording Engineers: Tomoo Suzuki, studio recordings; Bob Skye live recordings.

Mix Studio: Ocean Way, L.A.

Mix Engineers: Allen Sides, Tomoo Suzuki

Mastering Studio: Bernie Grundman Mastering

Piano Mic: Sony C800

Trumpet Mic: Sony C800G

A Tribute To Miles won a Grammy Award in 1994 for ‘Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, Individual Or Group’.

  • 1. So What (Live) 10:20
  • 2. RJ 4:07
  • 3. Little One 7:20
  • 4. Pinocchio 5:45
  • 5. Elegy 8:42
  • 6. Eighty One 7:31
  • 7. All Blues (Live) 15:17
  • Herbie Hancock (Piano, Calliope)
  • Wayne Shorter (Tenor & Soprano Saxophones)
  • Wallace Roney (Trumpet)
  • Ron Carter (Bass)
  • Tony Williams (Drums)
  • Allen Sides (Mixing Engineer)
  • Bob Skye (Engineer)
  • Tomoo Suzuki (Engineer, Mixing Engineer)
  • Tom Hardisty (Assistant Engineer)
  • Dave Hecht (Mixing Assistant)
  • Mark Guilbeault (Mixing Assistant)
  • Manny Lacarrubba (Engineer)
  • Rail Jon Rogut (Mixing Assistant)
  • Eric Rudd (Mixing Assistant)
  • Dirk Walter (Design, Illustrations)
  • Hiroyuki Arakawa (Photography)
  • Maxine Van-Cliffe Arakawa (Art Direction)