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Directions In Music

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Directions In Music


“A double-milestone year for jazz, 2001 marked the 75th anniversary of the births of both Miles Davis and John Coltrane. With that in mind, Herbie Hancock went on tour with a quintet modeled after his V.S.O.P. bands of the ’70s and ’80s and the Tribute to Miles band of the ’90s, which in turn were modeled after the 1965-1968 Miles Davis Quintet.

Brecker provides the most fervent individual statement with an unaccompanied rendition of “Naima” that amounts to a virtual encyclopedia of tenor saxophone technique. Roy Hargrove does a serviceable job on trumpet and fl├╝gelhorn, trying to fill some heavy shoes, and as accomplished as the rhythm team of John Patitucci (bass) and Brian Blade (drums) is, you miss the irreplaceable combustion of Ron Carter and especially the late Tony Williams (compare the original Davis recording of “The Sorcerer” with this inward, less dynamic, less driving version).

The most strikingly reworked cover tune is a slow, drawn-out, mournful take on “Impressions,” almost an elegy for Coltrane, and Brecker delivers the eulogy with fire in the belly. There is new material from Hargrove (“The Poet”), Brecker (“D Trane”), and the three headliners (“Misstery”), none of which expands much beyond the parameters of the Davis and Coltrane models. While this quintet does not kick over old boundaries, it does make good, uncompromisingly intelligent music.” – Allmusic

Directions In Music won two Grammy Awards in 2003: Best Jazz Instrumental Album, and Best Jazz Instrumental Solo for “My Ship”.

Recorded October 21, 2001, Toronto, Canada

  • 1. The Sorcerer 8:54
  • 2. The Poet 6:36
  • 3. So What - Impressions 12:51
  • 4. Misstery 8:17
  • 5. Naima 7:29
  • 6. Transition 10:26
  • 7. My Ship 8:41
  • 8. D Trane 15:11
  • Herbie Hancock (Piano)
  • Michael Brecker (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Roy Hargrove (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
  • John Patitucci (Double Bass)
  • Brian Blade (Drums)
  • Doug Doctor (Engineer)
  • Greg Calbi (Mastering)
  • Frank Finistauri (Engineer)
  • Todd Fraracci (Producer)
  • Rob Griffin (Engineer)
  • Hollis King (Art Direction)
  • Hans Neleman (Photography)
  • Jay Newland (Mixing)
  • Jason Olaine (Producer)
  • Darryl Pitt (Photography)
  • Anthony Ruotolo (Assistant Engineer)
  • Ron Skinner (Assistant Engineer)
  • Jim Steele (Assistant Producer)
  • George Whitty (Digital Editing)
  • Isabelle Wong (Design)